Habitat Sale Store

What we do

We sell items that homeowners can use to fix up their houses at a reasonable price.



Why we do it

Profits from the Sale Store are used to construct decent, affordable housing for sale to qualified residents of Pasquotank County.


Donations we accept

Donations being accepted at the present time

We accept furniture, appliances, household items, electrical and plumbing parts, bath and kitchen cabinets and sinks, tile and carpet, and other items that can be used to home renovations.


When we are open

Thursday and Saturday, 10:30-6
We accept all major credit and debit cards.



We are nearly all-volunteer and need more people to help us in the store. We need volunteers on Saturdays to work in the store and occasionally during the week to pick up donations.




Covid-19 Regulations

Store Procedures During Covid-19:

  1. Staff and customers must wear masks. Masks will be available to customers for $3 donation for cloth and $1 for disposable.

  2. All customers will be asked when they arrive:

    1. Have you had respiratory symptoms in the past 14 days?

    2. Has anyone in your household been sick in the past 14 days?

    3. Have you traveled to an area that is a hotspot for Covid-19?

  3. Number of customers allowed in store will be limited to 20.

  4. Sanitary station will be set up at the front door containing:

    1. Hand sanitizer

           2. Masks

5. Effective immediately, all donation pick-ups will be items on porches or in garages only. Our personnel will not go into people’s homes.

Store Policies

We strive to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible and want you to understand our policies:

  1. All sales are final. No returns allowed.

  2. Items purchased but not taken must be picked up in 7 days or they will be put back on the floor.

  3.  We do not do sales over the phone.

  4. We reserve the right to refuse donations if we believe it is something that we cannot sell quickly in the store.

  5. All customers should be prepared to remove their purchases themselves. Bring other people to help.

  6. Please do not drop off donations when the store is not open.

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